Lessons from the Story of Alexander Fleming, Discoverer of Penicillin

One day a young man was fun walking in the middle of dense forest, he suddenly heard a very loud scream sekalidengan cry for help. Apparently he saw a young man the same age as he is wrestling with the floating sludge. Increasingly moving even more mired in it.

The first young man who was about to give his help desperately. With great difficulty the youth mired be saved. Bolster the former a young boy who plunged it back into her house.

It turns out this young man both rich kid. Her house is very nice, large and extraordinary luxury. The boy’s father is very grateful for the help given to their children and want to give money, but the young man refused to take the first one. He said that it is proper fellow humans to help others who are in distress. Since this incident they became friends.

The first is a poor young man while the second boy is the son of a wealthy nobleman. The poor young man aspired to be a doctor, but he does not have the cost of tuition. Then there is a generous scholarship that would give him until finally earned a doctor. This man was none other than the youth’s father was helping earlier.

Did you know the name of a poor young man who eventually became this doctor? His name was Alexander Flemming, who later discovered penicillin drugs. The young nobleman in the army and in a battle to the task he was badly injured, causing a high fever due to infection. At that time for such infectious diseases is still not found a cure. The doctor heard about the discovery of penicillin dr.Flemming and they injected with penicillin which is a new discovery. What happens then? Gradually the fever due to infection subsides and the young man was finally cured!

Did you know who the young boy’s name? His name was Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister’s famous. In this story we can see the law of sowing and reaping. Flemming sow goodness and kindness he also reap. Fulfilled his goal to become a doctor. Fleming discovered penicillin which eventually can be used to help the soul Churchill. Not in vain is not scholarship given Churchill’s father?